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Carter shows a special kind of courage

...chair for hours while poisonous chemicals are dripped into your veins in an...to kill the cancer cells.These chemicals are so dangerous that the nurses...them into your bloodstream.The chemicals used against cancer cells also kill...

Weeds remain nuisance in Savannah River

...scheduled until spring.Officials lower the water level to help the herbicide reach the plants, but the current tends to carry chemicals away before they can take effect. Cutting the plants only works if the loose weeds are taken out of the water entirely to...

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Don't flush medications, drop them instead

...say disposing of those medications and chemicals into the wastewater system only causes...way to get rid of those medications and chemicals ? in a secure drop box located at the...antibiotics and hormones. But those chemicals contribute to the formation of antibiotic-resistant...

Evidence of harm is plain in child's death

...there's no shortage of data to support that premise.First, there's the actual physical harm from exposure to harmful chemicals. Then there's the emotional and psychological harm caused by parental neglect and instability. But there's also the erosion...

Use caution when using pesticides

...rate to apply the pesticide. The pesticide companies have done many years of testing and spent millions of dollars on these chemicals to ensure nontarget damage. The amounts are usually listed in a range from minimum to maximum amounts that can be used safely...

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Be on guard for herbicide carryover

...are aminopyralid, clorpyralid, and picloram. It can be difficult to confirm that manure or hay has not been exposed to chemicals. Many times, livestock owners will unknowingly purchase hay that has been treated. They feed it to their livestock and...

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Current Events

...meet at 7 p.m. Monday in Appling at 6343 Yelton Road. The topic of the meeting will be how to raise honeybees using fewer chemicals. The presenter will be UGA Honeybee Research Farm Manager Jennifer Berry. The meeting is free and open to the public. For...

Money-Saving Mama

...vinegar are just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many more items that you can use daily that keep potentially harmful chemicals out of your home and away from your family.Buying lemons doesn't have to be just for lemonade. Lemon juice acts like...

It's time to remove moss and algae

...glyphosate does not work on most mosses. There are several chemicals labeled specifically for moss and algae control. For example...follow instructions found on the label. Please note that chemicals will help only temporarily. The most effective control is...

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Resolve to be a better gardener in 2015

...all chemical labels to the letter. The labels of landscape chemicals contain a wealth of information. The pesticide label is the...then a lot is better!" Increasing the dosage of garden chemicals beyond the labeled rate can result in pesticide residues remaining...

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