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Debate: a war of words

...Because," I saucily replied, "I don't want to disguise what God has given me."My kinder, wiser co-worker won that debate...strongly in the separation of church and state that every time God's name is mentioned or a prayer is uttered in a public school...

Poetic Praise by Billy Arrington

...very ill Will you hear that small voice urging? Go now and do God's will Will you spend some time with loved ones? For life...tomorrow For today may be time to die And spend some time alone with God Make him your closest friend And he'll always walk beside you...

Of monarchy and false gods

...from the desire to worship false gods. The misery and oppression people...from exalting man and rejecting God: "Government by kings was first...of idolatry." Paine quotes God speaking to Samuel in 1 Samuel...but they have rejected me (God) THAT I SHOULD NOT REIGN OVER...

Harlem business owner named Citizen of the Year

...the Year."His heart has been touched by God," said Harris' pastor, the Rev. William...disappointed, he said, because that allows God to step in and take over. When you do good by others, God will take care of you. "It's not what...

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Columbia County Cares feeds families for two decades

...need, whether it's a new freezer or a new truck, it somehow comes together."We know we're doing the right thing because God is continuously blessing us," Marshall said. But there's still a few basics they are always in need of. "Food, money...

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POETIC PRAISE: God's Grace is Sufficient

When God called David to slay a giant, was this young boy then afraid...battlefield with his sling and a few small stones, our David had God's assurance that he did not stand alone. And when God called Jonah to preach his word, old Jonah just ran away...

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Give thanks for another year

...of dementia precluded his fully understanding the gravity of the situation, which I truly believe was one more blessing from God.I know he also wanted to have lunch out with me at Cap'n D's. The only time I can't eat, can barely swallow, is when...

Georgia offers Certificates of Honor to all Vietnam War era veterans

...your treasure in your service to our nation. Thank you for doing your part to keep our country free and independent. May your God bless all of us and our nation.Dan Holtz is the GDVS assistant commissioner for Administration, Health & Memorials. He is...

'Annie' ready to play in Augusta

...be called back less than an hour later. They had intended to cut another girl instead."Heidi said, 'I feel in my heart God told me I'm going to be Annie,' " Coughenour said.Until that point, Heidi hadn't even been reading for the part of Annie...

POETIC PRAISE: A Cradle, A Cross and A Crown

A virgin girl was chosen As an instrument in God's hand She was chosen to bear the son of God A a miracle in God's hand The surroundings were poor and humble A stable for the place of birth A manger...

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