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Keep your eye on the ball

No matter how many strokes it took to get there, once you're on the green...and eyes are over the ball it's time for the stroke itself."Whenever you're making a good putting stroke, your wrists do not want to break down," Vicain...

Plenty of events taking place nearby to hold us over until school starts back

...story that Fort did not happen to mention when we talked by phone.To recap, he finished second in the tournament ? by one stroke. He noted that winning was prestigious but second place was pretty prestigious, too. What he didn't mention was that on...

Scott Rouch | Sports
Evans star grabs opportunity by the tail

...Petras likes what the Tigers' coaching staff decided he'll be competing in."I'm going to be doing mostly breast stroke but I'm sure I'll end up doing a little bit of individual medley, if not for conditionng for actual meets, too," Petras...

A mother's life is a series of constant distractions

...wayward fowl to the henhouse at the barn. Since she's there, she gathers the eggs and scatters corn. Refills water buckets. Strokes a kitten. Talks to the horse. Counts the cows. So she proceeds.The next morning, she plans to run errands. She goes...

Odds & Ends
Kountakis primed for big season at Mercer

...72.07 scoring average was almost a full stroke better than the Bears No. 2 player and three strokes clear of the team's No. 3 player. Kountakis...improved his 75.32 scoring average an entire stroke better than the previous year.Last season...

Ashley Brown | Sports
College plans awaken football rivalries

...school if Ethan went there."But mom," I said, "have you seen pictures of the campus? It's gorgeous."Different strokes for different folks. All this football culture is a bit of a mystery to me.A few years ago, Paul's nephew was a kicker...

Odds & Ends
Brain injury walk helps survivor

...Camp Hardgrove, a four-day summer retreat for adults with stroke and brain injury. "We can't say it enough ? anyone can be...it's through a concussion during sports, a car accident or a stroke," said walk co-chairwoman Patty Goolsby, a program director...

Artist Spotlight: Pat Cavenaugh

...watercolor instruction from Thomas Needham. He has been instrumental in helping her see the picture before she paints the first stroke, and how to get there."When I am being creative I can totally tune everything else out and relax, regardless of the challenge...

Dogs vie for 'World's Worst' title

...kitchen counter, chewing his way all the way around the edges so that no part was left untouched by his furry dog lips. A master stroke.It was enough for the officials in the Worst Dog contest to give him the top spot, but check back in a few weeks. I'm...

Awareness is first step for stroke prevention

...living with the effects of stroke, according to the American...awareness of the symptoms of stroke can help those who suffer strokes get help quickly, which is...three hours of the onset of stroke. If given within this small...

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